A Princess Tea Party 

Saturday nightThere is the sweetest little princess sleeping on the couch next to me.   She dons the slightest bit of smeared masacara, disheveled sparkly hair, and a decent bit of cookie residue on her face.  All evidence of a successful fun day in the world of a little princesses.  I hope she is dreaming about all things pink and princessey.  Because when she wakes, she will be one day older and one day closer to not loving all things princessey quite as much as she did the day before. 

A few weeks ago the high school cheerleaders in our school system came to the kids school and told the students about a “Princess Tea Party” where little girls would get to come dressed as their favorite princess and have a fun tea party with the cheerleaders who would all ALSO be dressed as princesses.   “Do you want to go?”  was rhetorical.   Yes, she wanted to go, and she wanted to go NOW.  Not… in a few weeks.   We counted down each week until time for the Princess Tea Party.  When she got strep and had to miss cheering with the high school girls at the ballgame she was so sad, but her biggest concern was, “did I miss the princess tea party?”  

Finally…. the day of the much anticipated tea party arrived!   Dressed in her new Belle dress we went on our way, not really sure what to expect honestly.  I’d heard only good things about it, and that the high school cheerleaders loved doing it, but still, I wasn’t sure what was going to be taking place.   

As soon as we walked in the “Beauty and the Beast” song was playing in the background and I had to seriously fight back tears.  (Like what the heck we just walked in and I’m crying- somebody stop me). We signed in and were greeted by a gorgeous big girl Belle, that took my little girl Belle by the hand and led her to be made over.  Standing around the room were all the mommas watching their sweet little princesses be pampered at a table by all the big girl princesses.  Nails, makeup, princess hair, hair curling, GLITTER, the works!  Did I say glitter???   We are still washing out glitter three days later.  

Our very own Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Once each little girl was finished with the makeover she was able to go have her picture made with the princess of her choice in front of a beautiful princess backdrop.  The momma to one of Piper’s best friends and classmates is one of the coaches for the high school cheerleaders and he came too, dressed as the Beast.  How precious are these two and big Belle!  😍

And guys seriously, just when I thought it couldn’t get any sweeter, we entered the room for the princess tea party.   Every table was set up around the room with princesses at each one and each table had a fun activity.  She went from table to table making slime, snow with Elsa & Anna, decorated an apple with Snow White, made pixie dust with Tinker Bell and Wendy, decorated cookies with the Alice in Wonderland crew.   She made a mirror with Belle, a glass slipper with Cinderella, a bracelet with Ariel, a magic carpet with Jasmine, a Minnie Mouse bow with Minnie, and a tambourine with Elena.  There were more tables than I can even remember all of the crafts and things she got the make.  

I said to one of the girls, “I’m sure you all are so exhausted and burning up.” And she said “yeah, but they love it so much and we love to do it with them.”  (This is where as a mom I got all sappy on myself AGAIN) And it occurred to me just how much is put into this event.  It is more than just a fundraiser for the cheerleaders, it is 22 girls that have put forth a huge amount of effort to make about 70 little girls a princess for a day.  It is several coaches and an army of parents, I’m sure, that have prepped, bought things, and some who helped that day to make sure things went off perfectly.  It is 22 young ladies, most I don’t know very well, who gave their time to a bunch of little girls and made them feel very special.   They talked to them, helped them with their activities, hugged on them, and they were happy to take pictures with them… even the princess I asked for a picture in the middle of eating her cake pop (bless her, I’m sorry doll!) but she smiled and got right down with my girl.   

You never know who you are influencing and who is watching you.  Little eyes are always on you and little ears are always listening.  A smile, a kind gesture, (like a special princess book, a balloon, a sweet treat saved for you by a best friend) or act of kindness can leave an impact on someone and go a long way.  And I can say with certainty that there were 22 princess cheerleaders being watched that day by a lot of little girls that really look up to them.  My sweet P was thrilled with the love she was shown.   She said it was the “best day!”  Guys, no matter what age you are or where you are in life, there will always be people watching you… waiting to see how you will influence them.   Piper has a little cousin that thinks my P hung the moon.  💗 It’s precious, but I hope Piper will always remember that and be a good example for her… and for anyone else watching.  Be that example always, in the spotlight and out of it.  Even when you feel like you’re not a spotlight kind of person, someone, somewhere is watching.  Make your move and make it count. 

I hear rumor these princess cheerleaders JUST MIGHT be putting together another “Princess Tea Party” early next year… possibly… maybe…. time will tell I guess…. but if so…. local mommas, you need to bring your little princess.   Trust me!!!!!  She will love it and you will too!