“Who Is This?”

“Who is this” is the reply I receive from the hubs when I tell him of my lastest home improvement ideas, that I need money, what I’ve gotten myself into… you get the idea.   I get a “who is this” text minimum once daily.  It’s a thing.

So, this is ME!  I’m a wife to a great man, and a momma to boy/girl twins.  👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We live in a little town in Kentucky that we both grew up in.  Not quite where everybody knows everybody, but small enough to where you know a few folks usually when you go out to eat.  Home to some beautiful scenery, some great sports teams and great schools.  Complete with a Walmart and a movie theater.  😂👍🏼 For real tho… but seriously, I LOVE our town!

I like to dabble in lots of things.   I have 2.5 million projects going on, none completed, at any given time.  I’m always a little crazy and off kilter but somehow usually manage to accomplish whatever is going on.   I’m super organized and also very messy, it’s a problem.   My brain has way more thoughts going through it than it’s capable of processing and my words sometimes come out jumbled- writing is easier for me.  👍🏼  I am quite mediocre at a lot of things!

I’d like to tell you that we are super healthy and grow what we eat and such, but I actually buy it down the road at the local farmers market or Kroger.  I did have big plans for a garden this year though!   The hubs even plowed me a plot for a garden after I convinced him I was ready to be a farmer.  So far it still just dirt… I think I missed planting season.   🤔  Maybe we can dig some night crawlers from there and go fishing instead, anyway. But so far the only things I’ve grown are lots of flowers and shrubs.  🌺🌿

For years the world of Facebook has heard my crazy twin stories and so many friends have told me “I hope you’re writing this down!”  and “You should write a book”.   Truth is, I have written very few things down.    And many of the funny things I’ve already forgotten until someone else brings it. 😞  So I’ve decided to create this blog as a way to record our life.   The funny, the real, the raw, the happy, the normal life stuff.  I want them to look back someday and see what momma was like when they were little kids.  I want to look back myself and to remember the little moments.   Maybe along the way if someone else is reading our story will somehow inspire or encourage them in someway.   I hope you enjoy.

-This is me

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