A small piece of my story

We all have a story, and, for the most part, we get to write it ourselves.  While some circumstances are out of our control, we get to choose what we do with the circumstances.  But I’m just gonna say this, the twins turning 6 is emotional for me!  It’s straight up hard!  I’m having wet eyes (as my sister says) while I type this.  My heart hurts, my feelings hurt, my eyes are wet, 6 just hurts, y’all!

Rewind 7 years….. baby fever, but no baby, and bad news from the doctors.  It was an emotional and trying time for me.  It seemed everyone around me was pregnant and usually, with ease.  Babies, babies, everywhere!  But, NOT ME!

So…. after weighing options, we tried IUI TWICE.  Major letdown as it didn’t work.  The next options were adoption or IVF.  We chose IVF.  After giving myself many shots in the stomach and thigh, many tests to check my fertility levels, many trips to Cincinnati, and MANY MANY MANY prayers we FINALLY FINALLY got a positive blood test.  With numbers high enough confirming that both of the babies we had put in had most likely implanted- AND THEY HAD!

Fast forward….. 6 years.  We are here, one boy, one girl, two healthy miracles I couldn’t be more thankful for.  I wish I could freeze time and do it again, with them.  All of it.  They are perfection.  If you’ve met them, you love them.  We prayed so hard for them. For every. single. aspect.  My sister jokingly calls them “unicorns” hahahaha, but really, they’re just hand picked miracles that God knew we needed.

4 thoughts on “A small piece of my story

  1. This is wonderful and I feel your agony Amber. You and Shane have truly been blessed by God to have these two miracles. You have giving them a wonderful start in life. Jim and Janice Curry.

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