More Than Just a Body

I’m feeling a little preachy. Sometimes I do that and it’s always at the most random times. I have so much to say and I think of these ahhhhmaaaazing things to write….. but I’m in a situation where I’m not supposed to be thinking about writing. (The whole ADD thing) Then by the time I get something to write with, the stellar thoughts are long gone and I’m left with mush. It’s pathetic.

So, my cousin sent me this Instagram post and dang, guys, it shook me. “Shook,” I just used that, impressive right? 😉

I loved this so much I posted it in an all girls fitness group I’m in to share with them! I loved it so much I sent it to my husband and I said “When you hear me declaring some serious self body love, it’s for the sake of our daughter, so she will grow up to be fearless and believe she is strong and have a positive body image.”

One of my sweet friends in the all girls group commented on the post of this picture and said that she heard on the radio the other day if a mother says something to a child about her weight that it becomes a cycle, and that child then as a parent later will do the same to their child. She said that her grandmother would say things to her daughter (my friends mother) about her weight. And my friends mother said things to my friend about her weight. My friend said, “That’s why I am the way I am, and I want to break that cycle someday when I have a child.” I have written this with permission from her, but she struggles daily with body image, and for no good reason. If you were to see this girl, you would see how absolutely beautiful she is head-to-toe inside and out!

Body image is a hard thing for ladies. We struggle. We feel compelled to compare. We don’t feel good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, fit enough, enough, enough, enough. NO! I for one am thankful we come in all shapes and sizes. I love my long lanky friends and my vertically challenged friends. I love my super fit friends and my couch potato friends. Beauty is more than a body shape or size. Beauty is more than outward appearance. I am thankful that God didn’t create us using a cookie cutter mold!

Thankfully, my own mother raised me to have a positive mind and body image for which I am so grateful. She never said anything negatively about our bodies, only love and positive encouragement. I can tell you though, I don’t think I have ever heard ANY woman say she LOVES her body. I will straight up tell you I have never said that. I have never said I love this body that God gave me. And how ungrateful of me! For what reasons would I NOT love my body? Because I have rolls in undesirable places? Cellulite? Wrinkles? Parts that sag more than I want? 😳 I’m not tall? Trust me, the list goes on and on and I could pick myself to pieces, but why? What do I gain from that? Self hatred is not going to build me into a better me. It’s not going to make me a better mommy and it’s not going to make me a better wife.

I am not the strongest or fittest person at the gym, but I am strong. I am not the poster child for perfect health, but I am healthy. I am not flawless, but I am perfectly ME. I was created to be me, and the best version of me is what I want to be. I don’t want to be the best version of some other girl, because I wasn’t created to be some other girl. I was given a body to take care of and I’m going to take of it and love it. I’m going to love all the flaws, all the lumps, all the bumps, all the wrinkles, all the weakness. I’m going to love all the strengths, all the beauty, all the power. I will love these imperfect legs that carry me out of bed everyday and allow me to do the things I love and the things I need to accomplish. The same legs that take me to CrossFit everyday and let me work them hard. The arms that hug my children and husband everyday and help me to do chores at home. The arms that help me to serve others. The arms that help me drive where I need to go. The wrinkles that show I’ve laughed a lot of laughs and enjoyed my life with friends and family. The freckles that come back darker in the summer because I love to be outside. I am going to love all of ME out loud and I’m going to teach my little girl to love ALL of her!

Momma, do not hate on yourself in front of your children. Don’t hate on yourself, period. Stop it. If you don’t like something I understand, I do, but self hate is not going to fix it. Set a goal, and work for it. Hard work is so rewarding! Grow who you are on the inside and the outside. Let God guide you. Your strength will come from Him if you will rely on him. Love the strong and fierce body you were given, and don’t be ashamed to tell the world around you that you love it too!